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Two bowls of noodle soup - food unique mountain town

Update: 05-03-2012 09:13:19
Two bowls of noodle soup - food unique mountain town

Two bowls of noodle dish unique mountain town of Tay Nguyen. Many people mistakenly believe, the restaurant guests can cook it to eat up to two new factors have cravings. But reality is not so.

At the restaurant, called "pho", the pert owner brought him to two bowls on the table for guests. In two bowls, one bowl of the noodles, the noodle bowl remaining. Form similar to the dry noodles Sa Dec (Dong Thap). Tay Nguyen noodles unlike Hanoi, Saigon, but almost like thread noodles Sa Dec, My Tho (Tien Giang), but longer. The owner told that the noodles are made with rice ingredients are grown from basaltic soils. Noodles are just blanch in boiling water, then take out soft, mix in a little oil to noodles do not forget each other. Also bowls over boiling water to blanch warmer. It is ranked on a little pork noodle bruising, non garlic, pepper and sprinkle over a little like black, chili sauce. To the quantity of water in a separate bowl with beef meat, beef balls, tendon, dandruff ... Most of the noodle shop in the Tay Nguyen cook pork bone broth; only a few consistent cow bone tunnel. The noodle North or South are satisfied with noodle tasting of Tay Nguyen. In addition to beef, chicken noodle soup can call.

The Tay Nguyen told that taste delicious noodle style two new factors. Diners eat slowly, no hurry. Pick up some noodles, accompanied by some price spikes coriander, bay leaves for chewing mouth and sipped a few spoonfuls of water into the noodle. Once there, appreciate the taste of noodles, broth and aromatic of ... The ingredients blend together to create a special flavor. It is recommended customers do not rush poured bowl of pho noodle bowl so not eating is to enjoy the delicious, lose the subtlety.

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