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Yen Mac fermented pork roll ( Nem Chua Yen Mac)

Update: 20-01-2012 08:17:20
Yen Mac fermented pork roll ( Nem Chua Yen Mac)
Nem Chua has been made for such along time. The number of locals in Yen Mac who can make this kind of nem chua is not large because the work requires not only secret formule but also passion for the work. The production process need to be strictly followed; the finished fermented pork rolls ensure high quality, good taste, fresh colors, even slices, which can be kept for a week without degeneration of quality. The roll can be kept from 5 to 7 days and remain fresh, tasty and crispy. Yen Mac roll are served with a plate of lettuceor mint, they are supposed to wrapguava leaf, herbs around each roll, then dip it in fish sauce mixed with lemon juice, chopped garlic, chilly or pepper.

source: Ninh Binh Tourism Promotion Information Center
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