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Grilled fish specialties in Nam Dinh

Update: 05-03-2012 08:56:54
Grilled fish specialties in Nam Dinh

In Nam Dinh with grilled fish "special" people do not fish on a charcoal grill or pots on the straw that face then ... burning.


If you have the opportunity to visit Phuong Dinh Commune, Truc Ninh district, Nam Dinh province in the early spring, to any family, besides the traditional dishes, you will be invited to host a very special grilled fish, eaten ... you still wish to carry on. 

It is the grilled fish with the skin facing the goldfish bowl nursery, as long crispy grilled squid, flesh solid, sweet-smelling. Fish just kept in the freezer or hang to hang kitchen can be the whole week. When eating, simply grilled over charcoal chips ten minutes to drink alcohol over some quail. 

not know this fish, but never emerged from the many people in Phuong Dinh, just about 25 Year, every family in the slave tingle go fishing, buy fish for grilled fish is one of a kind. 

for grilling fish is often used for grilling grass carp (2 to 5 pounds), carp (from 1 to 1.5 weight). Carp just disemboweling, washed, and the fish to, homeowners often have to cut into 2 or 3 songs. Then, intensive spices, onions, lemongrass, cumin, ginger ... to soak about 30 minutes. 

Next, the fresh fish and leaves will be "locked" into a specialized ... aluminum pot, put bricks around and lined with a layer of straw, banana leaves below. At this point, many visitors surprised how individuals could face nine pots are? The answer is that thanks to the ingenuity, perseverance and a "secret team" in the traditional grilled fish. 

When tested sure bet pots upside, the chef began experiencing burning straw around the pot, top pot continuously for 30 minutes. Then the pots covered with a layer of thick-spoke, and spoke further burning straw mixed ... within 5 hours.

this grilled fish "eat off" types "germ stones" Quynh Conditions of time, as it was only going to be half time to give the product. Chef grade brushed spoke on pots and straw, bamboo forceps gently flip open to individual pots. Now, the fish was a ripe, dry, sweet fragrance. Beware turned the fish, the chef continues to "fight" with litter, spoke again about 5 hours, then add the grilled fish pots upside to complete. 

most important thing is to be patient and know "the fire" Star fish cooked to heat absorbed by the pot to the fire was not sharp on the inside, the fish will be cooked a fire or water leak. 

This fish dish has now become the specialty of the Phuong Dinh, is an inviting dish guests and gifts rustic dishes but also very strange and unique. If you have the opportunity to enjoy the spring on the land of the Tran kings splendid spring, remember to look at this (Nam Dinh City and approximately 30 km) to enjoy this special fish.

source: TNDT
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