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Vietnam Cuisine

Attractive Quang Noodle
If someone once to the Quang Nam really unforgettable dish is a simple, rustic and very Quang Nam. It's Quang noodles. From countryside to city, anywhere we can find a noodle shop, with bamboo walls, thatched roof bar protruding side of the mountain, there are consistent, silent smooth green fields, is consistent to the middle of acres ....
Pillow cake fascinated people in Hanoi
Pillow cake ( Banh goi ) will be cooked when the sun moon, a bit like a pancake southern or western monster cakes. But the point made distinctive flavor of each type of bread is the raw material and create ....
Siu Chau candy - special gifts home country of South
Eating Siu Chau candy pieces crisp, fleshy and aromatic but not sticky sweet. Enjoy a cup of hot tea with sweets in the chilly air and waved spring, taking the good with ....
The grilled chilli frog - Central delicious
The cold rainy day feeling again cravings are sniffed, broth charcoal and crave for those at foreign torn pieces frog legs and said, "Delicious summer, delicious summer" ....
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